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Gun Legislation & Politics in New York
Updated: 16 min 10 sec ago

Bad behavior won’t stop him

21 December 2018 - 9:48am

Last month Senator Kevin Parker introduced a bill requiring, “… law enforcement agencies … review the internet and social media accounts of any individual prior to granting or renewing a handgun permit …”.

Senator Parker has a history violent behavior:

In a 2011 court document, a Brooklyn prosecutor chronicled @SenatorParker's history, noting he has ""engaged in no less than eight known violent confrontations with traffic officers, parking attendants, members of his staff, fellow state senators, as well as the press."

— Joe Mahoney (@TipMahoney) December 18, 2018

He also has a big mouth:

“A state senator pushing a bill that would require pistol-seekers to submit to a social-media search urged a Senate Republican aide to kill herself in a now-deleted Twitter post on Tuesday …”

Senator Robert Ortt pointed out the irony of this:

Dear @SenatorParker,

Under your bill, would this type of tweet disqualify you from owning a firearm?

— Rob Ortt (@SenatorOrtt) December 18, 2018

Elected Democrats have turned a blind eye to Parker’s behavior since he was first elected 10+ years ago so it is no surprise he’s getting let off with nothing but a lame apology.

Do not expect him to pull his bill because of this. He will reintroduce it with a new number when the 2019-20 session starts in January.

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Everytown PAC terminated

20 December 2018 - 7:20pm

Everytown formed a state political action committee earlier this year.  It was terminated last week after making no candidate contributions.

Searching campaign finance records shows only two donations from Everytown: $279.09 to Shelley Mayer in May and $200 to Governor Cuomo just before the primary.

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